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A Postcard from Paris

Last month I returned from the dreamiest trip to Paris. It was genuinely the best few days I've had in a long time, and the happiest at that too. I've seen an awful lot of people have been travelling to the city of lights, love and the BEST PASTRIES YOU EVER WILL EAT (genuinely, I think about those Pain Aux Raisins more than I'd care to admit) too and so I thought I'd share some pics and my Paris Do's and Don'ts.

We flew from Edinburgh because the flights were cheap. A bit of a trek from Aberdeen (but where isn't a trek from Aberdeen tbf?) and luckily for us airport parking was reasonable. My boyfriend made us leave over five hours before our flight and so we sat in the airport Wetherspoons drinking gin and tonics for three and a half hours to keep things extra classy, followed by drinks on the flight, obvs.

Pizza. Because when we arrived at our Air B&B I was convinced the area we were staying in was dodgy (it most definitely was not) and we had not a …

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